Lower Healthcare Associated Infections

Manage the shoeborne spread of deadly organisms in your facility with Healthy Sole Plus™. The dirtiest, most-overlooked place in healthcare is the bottom of the shoes walking around it. Don’t let dangerous organisms travel in and out of high risk areas of healthcare ever again! Healthy Sole Plus™ is the first in its industry to use UV-C technology to kill harmful of the germs and pathogens on the soles of shoes.

Significant Reduction in Harmful Viruses on soles of footwear

HealthySole is the first clinically proven chemical free UVC shoe disinfectant device to kill up to harmful of exposed microorganisms such as bacterial and viral pathogens on the soles of shoes in 8 seconds. HealthySole® is also effective against fungi and bacterial spores that travel on shoe soles leading to the spread of infection via inhalation or horizontal translation from the surface and air contamination.

y adding a UVC shoe disinfectant station such as HealthySole Plus to an existing infection control program, the facility will decrease the overall microbial load starting with shoe and floor contamination. HealthySole® significantly decreases the aerosolizing, migration, or transfer of deadly pathogens that may lead to higher healthcare-associated infections (HAI) rates. HealthySole® is an active UVC shoe disinfectant germicidal system that reduces infectious organisms with virtually no workflow interruption, additional staff or monetary cost to operate.

Portable Shoe Sole Disinfection in less than 10 seconds

Proven to deactivate the human Coronavirus 229E on the bottom of shoes. Kills harmfull of exposed germs. Authorized for use against COVID-19, meets the EPA guidelines for emerging viral pathogens

On an average day, an adult takes nearly 7,500 steps. Yet, with every step, shoes pick up potentially infection-causing bacteria, spores, and viruses – pathogens that get a free ride on your shoes.  What you step in, on, and through – it all  comes home with you.   That exposes your home, your family, and even your pets to the risk of illnesses.


  • Disinfects soles of shoes
  • Kills 99.9% of UVC exposed
  • germs & pathogens
  • Under 10 second
  • disinfection time
  • Disinfects without harmful
  • chemicals
  • Cordless & rechargeable
  • Portable – can be placed
  • anywhere
  • Easy to use
  • Quick ROI

Core Hiring Principles

Effective Disinfection

Disinfects without harmful chemicals

Kills harmful UVC exposed germs & pathogens

Simple Application

Easy to use

Disinfects shoes and booties

Portable – can be placed anywhere

Instant Results

8 second disinfection time

Hands-free operation

Quick ROI