UVC Air Disinfection System & EPA Laboratory-Certified To Kill harmful Enveloped RNA Viruses Including Coronavirus.

Scientific Air Management, SAM, is a UVC air disinfection system that uses patented UV technology to capture airborne pathogens in large volumes of fast-moving air, holding germs close enough and long enough for total UVC eradication. 24/7 viable and non-viable particulate UVC disinfection, safe for patients and staff in occupied areas.

Rapid, Whole-Room Clean

Complete disinfection of a standard 800-sq.-ft. room in minutes. Whole-room air exchange after only 20 minutes. No ozone production, no external UV-C exposure, and no VOCs or odours remaining.

Portable, Durable and Efficient

SAM’s size and materials make it easy to move, easy to set up, and long-lasting. All-steel, antimicrobial coatings are combined with a low center of gravity and tip-proof base. The unit itself is low-maintenance & consumes about as much power as an average ceiling fan.

Safe and Fast-Acting

At rates of cubic feet per minute, SAM cleans air faster for its size than any other filtration system, all while performing HEPA filtration and UV-C pathogen elimination simultaneous. This makes the medical environment safer, faster.

400 CFM

SAM delivers the highest air disinfection levels in cubic feet per minute for its size. With 3x the standard concentration of UV-C light for disinfection, HEPA filtration, and 5-micron miles of specially formulated carbon, SAM removes pathogens, particulates, odours, and VOCs — quickly.

Disinfects Entire Room in Less Than 30 Minutes

To truly purify and disinfect air, HEPA filtration alone is not enough. That’s why 0.3-micron particulate removal is only the beginning of our patented UV-C pathogen elimination process. One SAM unit kills harmful of all germs throughout large-volume, fast-moving air.

SAM can do this for the entire room in under 30 minutes and has been proven consistent independent of existing HVAC systems.

Kills harmful Viruses

HEPA Particulate Reduction

Energy Efficient

Removes Bacteria and Mold

Compact and Portable

Laboratory Certified

Hospital Grade

Value Priced

Did you know that airborne pathogens can remain suspended in the air for hours?

” Sanilume ” Germicidal UVC Upper Room Air Sanitizer

Specifications and Features

Upper Room Air Germicidal UVC Technology
• 254 nm germicidal UVC lamp rated for 10,000 hrs.
• Powerful UVC energy is distributed into upper room areas is proven inactivation technology against pathogens including mold, fungi, bacteria, and viruses
• Powerful integral air handling circulates room air through the UVC energy field

Click here to download the full spec sheet for Sanilume (Part 1) .

Click here to download the full spec sheet for Sanilume (Part 2) .

JADE Air Purification

Specifications and Features

One of the world’s most advanced standalone premium commercial grade air purifiers. Surgically Clean Air’s JADE is an air purification system that removes almost 100% of air pollutants, harmful airborne particles and eliminates airborne chemicals and odours, filters dust and pollen, and re-energizes stale indoor air, making the air you breathe cleaner and healthier.

  • Premium commercial grade
  • Easy to use
  • Hands free technology

Click here to download the full spec sheet for JADE air purifier.

CASCADE Air Purification

Specifications and Features

One of the world’s most advanced premium commercial grade air purifiers. The CASCADE unit has 6 stages of filtration to capture dust, pollen, VOC’s, mold, allergens, harmful airborne particles, odours and chemicals.

Click here to download the full spec sheet for CASCADE air purifier.