I take pride in distributing Vital Oxide Products. It is for human life preservation. I feel like I am doing a noble deed.

As a former Public Health Inspector with two bachelor degrees in Biology and Environmental Health, working for over 10 years in the Infection Prevention and Control Program with York Region Health Services Department, I got to advise businesses on the type of products they use as disinfectant. This was an important aspect of my routine inspection to ensure reduction and elimination of bacterial /viral load for public safety. Disinfecting surfaces and tools are part of daily operation in various types of businesses. I have seen all sort of disinfectant products over the years and heard business owners concerns, challenges and misinformation about disinfecting process. I was concerned about the spread of germs years before pandemic, when it was not a popular topic of conversation among people.

I wanted to find a business idea that I can start and run for myself;something that I believe in and can use all my combined experiences and skills toward it. Today, I take pride in distributing Vital Oxide Products. It is for human life preservation. I feel like I am doing a noble deed.
Nowadays, the general awareness about the importance of disinfection and infection prevention is heightened and people are more receptive to dialogues about this subject. I am pleased to be a reliable source for the Community of Vaughan and share with them the products and tools that I have found to be efficient, safe and easy to use.

I believe and trust in Vital Oxide products simply because:

  • They are safe for the environment, food contact surfaces and skin contact.
  • It disinfects the air without adversely affecting the lungs.
  • It is effective against a wide range of bacteria, viruses (incl. Corona virus) & mould.
  • It eliminates odours
  • It is non-corrosive, no damages to furniture and tools over time.
  • It is easy to use without the need for “Personal Protective Equipment”.
  • It is Health Canada Authorized.

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