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Vital Oxide and the fight against Coronavirus

Authorized by HEALTH CANADA and EPA Registered


Disinfecting Power To Get Clinically Clean Results

Our products are laboratory tested and effective against Coronavirus. Our industry leading disinfectant solution Vital Oxide is authorized by Health Canada and EPA registered.

We Are the Official Distributor of Vital Oxide in Vaughan

Vital Oxide is a powerful and effective Hospital Grade Disinfectant that is gentle on humans, pets and the environment. It is authorized by Health Canada (DIN #02422654) and FDA approved. Vital Oxide is FOOD CONTACT SURFACE SAFE and 100% biodegradable NO WIPE/ RINSE required after application. This superior product has the safest possible Safety Data Sheet rating of 0-0-0. No Health Hazard, Non-corrosive & Non-flammable!

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Tested, Approved and Authorized

Vital Oxide Is A Medical Grade Disinfectant Solution Authorized Product By

Vital Oxide has been added to the Health Canada list of hard surface disinfectants approved for use against CoViD-19 and SARS-CoV-2.


Kill List of Vital Oxide

Stay Safe During The Pandemic and Post Pandemic by using our Trusted Disinfection Products & Air Purification Systems.


Safety Data Sheet

It provides detailed and. comprehensive information on a controlled product related to health effects of exposure to the product

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